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The Legion is Canada’s foremost Veteran support and community service organization. Join now and help us improve the lives of those who served, support our communities, and remember the Fallen. 

You honour and support Canada's Veterans when you join, but there are other member benefits, including:

  • A Legion membership card and official Legion pin

  • A paid subscription to the award-winning Legion Magazine

  • Access to exclusive member items on the Legion Poppy Store

  • Member Benefits Package with great savings and deals

  • Ability to transfer membership to a Legion Branch at any time

Online membership is just $49.99 per year, and you don't have to be a Veteran to join. Any Canadian citizen or citizen of an Allied nation who is 18 years of age or older is welcome to become a member of the Legion!  Learn more about our members.

You can still pay at the branch with a cheque payable to "Royal Canadian Legion Br. 244", in person or mail to:

Royal Canadian Legion
Branch 244, Perth-Upon-Tay
26 Beckwith Street East
Perth, ON K7H 1B5
613-267-4400 (Administrator)


We are The Guardians of Remembrance